Frequently asked questions

What kind of events will you cater?

We provide restaurant quality experiences in your home or a chosen event space. We are happy to provide food and service for large celebrations to intimate dinners and any other event where you may need our help. We work with every budget!!! We can offer various cuisines, Italian, Mexican, French and Asian are the most requested. With over 25 years of professional service and cooking experience, our team would love to help you plan and cook your perfect event. Check out our menus sample below!

What kind of cooking classes do you teach?

Want to arrange a fun date? Want to learn how to make pasta? Or host a cullinary themed bachelorette party? We can organize a wide variety of private classes for you and your loved ones. Chef Danielle regularly takes her skills and knowledge to Urban Kitchen in Pasadena for Tamale classes.

I have a different question!

We would be happy to help you! Please call or send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP!

Where have you consulted before?

With the experience that we have gained throughout the years, we can help you build a menu, train your kitchen staff, and provide other resources and systems you need to be successful in the food industry/hospitality business. Former clients include: Fellow Westwoood, Planet Hollywood, Cellar 58, and Vespa Restaurant to name a few!

Where did I see you before?

You might have seen Chef Danielle, showcasing her skills in some Food Network Tv Shows. Between the most famous Danielle partecipated at Beat Bobby Flay, getting close to "slay the flay". In her first apparition in any Tv Shows, Chef Danielle became a Kitchen Casino Champion.

What kind of cuisine do you offer?

We specialize in Mexican, French, Italian, South East Asian but if you have a particular idea in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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